Laughter is the Best Medicine

75 Minute Session

It’s been a tough year and we could all use a laugh. This workshop will teach your staff, team, or friend group creative skills that will strengthen your bond and stretch the brain (we call it “brain yoga”). Improv can help you manage stress, embrace imperfection, overcome anxiety, face uncertainty, and improve interpersonal skills. Groups of 6-10 people are ideal. Cost $30 per person.

Speaking Engagements

We’ve spoken at conferences and trainings on a variety of topics related to mental health. If your group has an interest in learning more about any of the following topics, give us a call:

  • Animal-Assisted Therapy 101
  • Emotional Support Animals 101
  • Values-Driven Goal Setting
  • Journal like a Therapist
  • Laughter is the Best Medicine

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