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  • A Case of Benjinitis

    What’s up y’all! Great to see you again! You’ve caught me in between appointments so I’ve got a minute to tell you the news. My Mom has diagnosed me with Benjinitis and it will cause you to squirm. No, literally! It’s my own special ailment where I just can’t seem to sit still lately!

    We think it could be from the extra workload or maybe it’s because we switched to a different kibble. Either way, my paws haven’t stopped moving for a minute and my tail is a never ending pendulum!

    Seeing me in such a frazzled state, my Mom and I took action! Rather, we took a lack of action. Since we normally get home first, we started having quiet time. It’s easy to walk in the door and turn on the tube or start bumpin’ some tunes, but what we really needed was some sweet silence.

    The first day was a challenge; we sat on the couch, my paws twitched and I couldn’t help darting my eyes around the room. After a few days of adjusting, I was able to do it – sit perfectly still and just breath in the silence. Not only could I be still on the couch, but I also felt less antsy at work and on walks too. My Benjinitis was cured!

    If you ever feel the onset symptoms of Benjinitis – a tapping foot, drumming paws, pacing, or anything like that, this certified (therapy only) pup recommends a still moment.

    Be like a picture and soak in the motionless silence.

    You’d be surprised how much of that calm quietness can follow you.

    Well, looks like it’s time to jump back up on my listenin’ couch. Have a great rest of your day, and remember to sit and be still at some point!

    Your Content K-9,


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    Written by Mark A. Smithson