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  • A Drop of Benji

    Hey there folks, nice to see ya again! I don’t know about you but it has been tooooo hot out for me lately. I’ve just been bakin’ in my fur for just about every walk. Besides the getting dirty and wet part, I love it when a good rain sweeps over and cools things off.

    The other day, I was sitting on the porch panting away when the sky suddenly dimmed. One of those subtle breezes swept against my fur and told me the storm was coming. It started with the patters of a soft drizzle and quickly built up to a dumping pour. You see, it’s the first few moments that I like the most.

    These good ears can pick up the first drops and…if they are close enough…the drops of THOSE drops. I could stare out across a yard and just lose myself in the big drops as they start to come down.

    I’m always good up until the thunder part. That shakes me right through the fur and down to the bone. One minute I’m relaxin’ in the zone and the next… KABOOM! I’ll howl up a fit tryin’ to make it stop…it works eventually.

    Next time the storm clouds gather, pull up a chair, sit in your car, or stand on the porch.

    Listen to the sound of the rain and let it carry you.

    And if the claps of thunder come, just raise a head and howl.  It will go away eventually. Oof, I wish some clouds would roll in soon and block out that sun. You’ll have to put me in a bun cause I am one hot dog! I’ll bark at ya later folks!

    Your Thunder-Fighting Friend,



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    Written by Mark A. Smithson