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  • A Note from the Desk of Doggo: Relax your mind with some adult coloring

    Gooooood afternoon everyone! Can you imagine a better time of year? The white blanket of winter (although it is fun to stomp in the snow) has lifted and all sorts of smells are popping up from the ground. I love seeing the flowers peak out and leaving the jacket at home. There’s just something about the different shades of grey that liven up my life!  

    I’ve noticed a lot of people appreciate vibrant light greys, off-whites, and greys so dark that they are almost black. From pictures to flowers there’s always time for a splash of color in life. This got me thinking, remember when you were a young pup and would color? Remember feeling your paw glide over the page and you immediately felt at ease? So do I! Why did we ever stop?!  

    I know life gets ahead of us with jobs, relationships, schedules, and more but we still need that time to unplug. Let’s harken back to this old past time and let our minds meld into the greys!  

    Pull out some paper or pick up an old coloring book and let the color flow.  

    If you’re feeling a bit silly about doing this, then draw something silly. It’s a world you control, shade and all! As your mind eases into the paper, you may be surprised to see what it creates. Who knows, you could be the next Vincent Van Doberman or the next Salvador Doggli! But most of all, you’ll be relaxed and who doesn’t need to relax every once in a while? 

    Welp, this pup has to take a walk to his favorite light grey fire hydrant. I’m so relaxed that nature called! I’ll catch ya next time everyone! 

    Your Vibrant Buddy,