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  • A Note from the Desk of Doggo: Scream LOUDLY into a Pillow

    Welcome back everyone! Have any of you ever had a bad day? Like, a really bad day? One where you just wanna sit there and HOOOWWWLLLLL about your problems? Of course you have, we all have. It’s a part of life and sometimes we just need a moment to let it all out from the bottom of our lungs.  

    It’s hard though to find a remote enough place where we can take that big inhale and scream without scaring the neighbors or concerning a passerby. But fear not! There is a soft, simple solution to mute this problem. A pillow. 

    That’s right, grab a pillow and bury your face in it. Then let out that scream that’s been building up inside.  

    Too often we put on the strong face and bottle up everything that’s been bothering us. Unlike a fine wine, screams don’t get better with age. Sometimes the healthiest thing to do is uncork that bottle and let it flow out even if it’s muffled into your favorite pillow.  

    Just the other day I was late for work, missed a meeting, and was scolded for “exploring” the trash can. At the end of the day I laid down in my doggo bed, buried my face, and let out a long drawn HHOOOWWWWWLLLLL! Even though my day was still a bad one, it felt good to free the bottled up voice.  

    Well, I’m off to start a new day, a better day. Thanks for listening to me about my howling. Till next time folks.  

    Your Muffled Mutt, 


    One more thing!

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