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  • A Note from the Desk of Doggo: Take a BIG Stretch!

    Well hey there everyone! 

    Thanks for joinin’ this ‘ol pup again! I’m glad you’re here but we gotta make this quick. My schedule is pretty tight and there’s a little tension at the dog park. As I’ve been running around lately I’ve found another area in my life that’s tight with tension. It quite literally is my back!  

    Although when my Mom tells me to sit, I sit straight. It doesn’t mean I’m free of that workin’ dog achiness. Actually, hang on a second…

    OOOHHHH-AHHHHHH!!! *crack*  

    Did you see how far I just arched?! I really needed that, I feel so much better. Say, you should give this a shot too. Has anyone ever told you to loosen up? Well this good boy is! Some of ya are probably on your feet all day and some of ya sit behind a desk for a good bit of time. Either way, we all get those spots that need a bend. Lots of times it can be easy to tune out when you’re doin’ the daily grind but it’s a good thing to lift that head, arch that back, and reach for the stars.  

    This quick two second stretch could be the most de-BEND-able advice I give you! 

    So next time you’re workin’ or out for a jaunt take a second to flex. 

    Yes…you are amazing and people should know but I mean literally flex. It feels great!  

    Well, like I said, I gotta make this quick. Time to make the next meeting. Stay loose out there folks!  

    Your Bendable Beagle, 


    One more thing...

    Benji is so paw-ssionate about self care that he inspired us to create a journal filled with his favorite healthy habits and self care practices! Order yours today and before you know it, you’ll have an inspirational beacon and an authentic roadmap to YOU!