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  • A Note from the Desk of Doggo: Take all the naps you need

    Hey there!

    I’m coming at you feelin’ fresh and ready for the rest of my day! I’ve gotta say though, it didn’t start out this way. I got up this morning feeling groggy and restless. I was chewing on the most delightful toy in my cozy doggo bed but I fell asleep on it! Whoops! Now I’ve got a crick in my back and it aches to wag my tail, AND I’VE GOT SO MUCH TO WAG ABOUT! So, after a long day in the office with my Mom I came home and fell flat on my muzzle!

    As I was laying there, I felt crummy. There was so much left to do with the day! There was still the 4:30 mailman bark, a 5 o’clock walk, and that takes us right up to kibble time. Despite a crammed schedule, I couldn’t help but to close my puppy eyes and drift off. I didn’t mean to but it just happened. After some time (coulda been 5 minutes or 2 days, I’m not too good with time), I awoke to the mail sliding through the slot.

    I jumped up and ran to the door for my bark and to scare the daylights outta that nefarious mailman. He thought he was gettin’ off scot free today, hehe. I felt good and enjoyed my bark. Before it seemed like a chore but after some much needed rest, it was invigorating. As the letters flew in the breeze and the blue khakis pumped furiously I realized something important. I just needed a good ol’ nap.

    Just a little shut-eye can make you feel more at ease and give you the gumption to tackle the rest of the day. So if you’re feeling drained, toss yourself a bone and take the time to recharge.

    Welp, it’s time for that 5 o’clock walk! I’ll give you a howl later!

    Your pup pal,


    A final thought...

    Benji is so paw-ssionate about self care that he inspired us to create a journal filled with his favorite healthy habits and self care practices! Order yours today and before you know it, you’ll have an inspirational beacon and an authentic roadmap to YOU!