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  • A Note from the Desk of Doggo: Unplug from technology for 1 hour

    Breaking news! A certain doggo by the name of Benjamin has gone off-grid. The last sighting of the elusive pup was by the food dish in the morning. Haha, I’m just yankin your tails, y’all! I’m right here! So, I’ve discovered this great way to unplug after a long day and it is quite literally to… you guessed it… unplug.

    I noticed one day that messages were zooming by, screens were flashing news, the phone rang off the hook, and when the day ended the TV soothed me to sleep. There wasn’t 5 minutes to be had without a ding or a scroll or a dreaded ad! For a while, the phones made me anxious and I was getting kinda headachy. ‘Ol Benji’s circuits were fried from being plugged in too long! I was getting stressed but thankfully the solution was simple.

    For just an hour a day, the screens go off.

    It was hard at first to put everything down but it gave me a whole hour to explore! I personally like to go on walks, there’s so much to see when my snout isn’t buried down like a bone! I highly recommend it but you don’t have to just go on walks. You could crack that dusty book you’ve been meaning to start or cook yourself a nice meal. It could be whatever you want so long as you are allowing yourself time to unwind!

    So if you find your eyes hurting from the computer screen or you’re feeling giddy when a message pops up, power down and recharge. A quick hour can make a huge difference and it’ll all be there for you when you get back. 

    Welp, it’s time for this pup to log out and hit the sidewalk. They just put in a new fire hydrant down the street and it’s got my name on it!

    Your Furry Friend,