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  • A Selfless Benji

    Why hello there! I’m glad you could join me again! I’ve had a bunch of thoughts rattling around in this blocky head of mine, mainly about the long week I just had and all the interactions I’ve had with people. Looking back on it, there were some loving times where I made connections, a stressful time or two…(it couldn’t have had ANYTHING to do with my trash can extravaganza), and lots of little pleasantries along the way.

    Out of all the moments I had throughout the week, one stood out as the most rewarding. It was when I was off the clock relaxing while my Mom was with a client. While resting these weary paws, my puppy ears picked up the gloomy tones from the other room. Someone was clearly upset and going through a rough time. Even though it was break time for this workin’ pup, I picked myself up and went to investigate.

    Upon first glance of that tear-stained face, I hopped right up on the couch and offered up one of my signature doggo hugs. They gladly accepted and gave a reassuring smile. In that moment I felt a happiness that I could improve someone’s day. So my advice for today is this:

    To fulfill yourself, try doing a selfless act of kindness.

    I took 5 minutes of personal time, turned it into a smile and felt great doing it. See what kind of responses you get from selfless acts of kindness and tune in with how it makes you feel. It could be anything from helping someone short on change or holding a door for a stranger.

    Speaking of doors, I think I hear someone outside mine! Mail! Mail! It’s the mail carrier!!!!!!!! Gotta go folks!!!!!!

    Your Selfless Pup,



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    Written by Mark A. Smithson