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  • Benjinspiration

    Just a dash here…and a stroke there…aaaannndddd finished!

    Hi y’all, you just caught me putting the last touches on my next masterpiece. I’ve just been sittin’ here dippin’ my tail tip in the paint and getting carried away. This one is of the wooden bench at the park, see how I tried to blend the greys?

    I started painting a few months ago. I enjoyed the vibrant paw prints and smears; there was just something relaxing about letting it flow. Being a workin’ pup, I have to do a lot of scheduling, paperwork, snuggling, and general analytical stuff. When I’m behind the brush, I feel like I can get it all out there. I can just express myself and let the old thinker (doggo term for brain) come up with whatever it wants.

    I feel like it’s good for us to unplug every once in a while and see what we can come up with.

    Whether it’s with a brush, pencils, or even clay it’s just flat out fun to get creative! 

    You’ll surprise everyone, including yourself, when you do. I certainly did. I mean, I started with a paw print and now I’m working on this ornate bench.

    Speaking of benches at the park, I think it’s about time I head over there. I need to get another look so I can make sure I have the angle just right. I’ll see y’all around the water bowl!

    Artfully Yours,


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    Written by Mark A. Smithson