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  • A Tip-Top Benji

    Hey there everyone! Thanks for poppin’ in. It’s been one heck of a week I’ll tell you what! It all started with this bump on my paw. It was small and didn’t bother me much, just kinda there and I thought nothin’ of it. The next day it was a little bigger but still not bad. I still got around fine and figured it would just fix itself eventually. Well, it didn’t.

    The soreness kept me up at night and I was favoring my other paw throughout the day. My Mom saw me limp slightly and rushed into action. She lured me in with head pats, then proceeded with belly rubs, and then gently took my paw in her hand. She saw the little bump and said THAT utterly dreadful word…you know which one…Vet.

    I do not think I’m alone when I say I don’t like going to see the white coat. They are usually super tall and poke and prod at you. Not to mention how cold the tables are, like can’t they put a blanket down or something? Anyway, when she said THAT word, I freaked. The next day we walked in and my fur bristled while I limped more noticeably. After a wait that seemed like foooorever, we went into the weird-smelling back room.

    The table was, as expected, cold and the white coat seemed to tower over me. My Mom sat next to me and patted my head through the exam. It seems that this ‘ol pup was hung up with a whopper of a splinter. The vet turned away and turned back with a pair of shiny pointies! Surely, I thought this was it!!

    And then in one quick motion he scooped up my paw and plucked forth the shard. It was instant relief, like the pressure just went away. Just as quick as the splinter was pulled, he turned away again and returned with the tastiest treat. Now, going to the vet isn’t so bad anymore, I actually kinda like it.  All the techs know me and wanna pat this blocky head.

    You should make yourself an appointment soon too. If there is something you’ve been putting off you should go get it looked at.

    It’s never a bad idea to get a checkup every once in a while. Plus the doctors are actually super nice and they might give you a treat at the end!

    Well, I’ve gotta run folks. No literally, I’ve gotta run! I think I see a… a… SQUIRREL!

    Wishing You Everlasting Health,


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    Written by Mark A. Smithson