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    An Antiquated Benji

    Greetings again my dear readers! It’s your pal Benji here to barkin’- uh I mean harken, back to ye olden times. Call me grey in the muzzle but things just seem to be flying by so quick! We send text messages on the fly, pictures are shared as fast as they are snapped, and we can look anything up in seconds! I’m not saying I miss dial-up (although the noise was kinda cool, but I’ve been wondering how to live in the moment when the moments go by so fast!

    Well, as my granddog used to say, “If you want a bone chewed right, you gotta chew it yourself.”  And he was right! If you want to live in the moment, then you’ve got to make the moment…and I came up with the perfect way! Set aside that phone or computer for a moment and pick up a fresh sheet of paper and a quality pen. Personally, I think feather quills are the way to go but any ballpoint will do. Once you’ve gathered these archaic tools, set to work with them.

    You can start a journal or write a letter to a friend or family member you haven’t heard from in a while. Maybe you’ll compose a poem or short story; you are the master of paper and ink! Sure, you aren’t typing a thousand words a minute and printing just as fast, but you are doing something more important! You are deliberating, thinking, reflecting, and using the moment to its fullest.

    So, if life seems to be whirling by, take a moment. Bust out the pen and paper and see what happens!

    Well, you can call me old, but I say you are never too old for a nap.  It’s time for this sleepy pup to get some shuteye. Bark at ya’ll later!

    Your Mature Mutt,



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    Written by Mark A. Smithson