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  • Benevolent Benji

    Oh, hi there folks! Good to see you again and on such a happy day! We were just about to head out to run some errands, pick up a few essentials, and make another little pit stop while we’re out. Can you guess what our pit stop is?

    Can ya? Can ya? Can ya?

    I’ll give ya a hint, it’s a place super special and close to my heart! No, it’s not the food bowl, although that was a fair guess. It’s the animal shelter! I was picked up at a shelter long ago and I remember it being very stressful. All the other cats and dogs around me were either bouncing off the walls or sulking at the back of their pens.

    When I first got in my pen, there was a yellow blanket waiting for me. It wasn’t much but it was something to sit on and snuggle up into at night. It wasn’t until I left that I realized the blankets we had weren’t from the shelter. Turns out some locals would pitch in so we could get some extra treats and supplies each month! It touched my doggo heart to hear this and when I got myself on my four paws again, I decided to join in. Now, we occasionally drive over or put a little bit in the mail to help out our local shelter.

    They do such important work for our furry friends everywhere; a couple bucks or an old blanket could change a life. Even though I don’t get to meet all the newcomers or see what my contribution does for them, it helps me sleep at night knowing that another soul out there is a bit more comfortable.

    Donate to, or volunteer your time at, your local animal shelter. The feeling is so rewarding.

    Ooo, I hear the jingle jangle of keys! Gotta run ya’ll, bark at ya next time!

    Graciously (and Goofily) Yours,

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    Written by Mark A. Smithson