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  • Benji’s Big Move

    New Beginnings and Looking Forward

    Hi there everyone! It’s me, Benji! So, I’ve got some big news for you. Miss Annalisa and I are moving to a new office! It’s in a cool place called Pottstown. I’m super excited for all the new smells and sights. We will meet new faces and be in a completely different place! I know I’m full of puppy playfulness now, but I wasn’t as happy when I first heard this.

    I honestly felt sad. I love the office I work in and all the familiar scents in it. I have a routine and enjoy seeing Blondie, the office pup next door. Changing all of it just seemed risky. What if this new place isn’t as good? Well, this pup is here to tell you that change is scary and that’s okay.

    After moving some things into the new space, I realized it wasn’t so bad. It’s been a big job and we needed all the paws we could get. I was nervous but I asked Luna’s Dad and some of our other friends for help. They gladly agreed.

    It was nice having the support and spending the extra time with friends. If there’s a big move in your life, don’t forget that they are there. Just because they are a little further away doesn’t mean they care any less.

    I will say, I am going to miss that cushy couch in the window too. I know it doesn’t seem like much but sinking into it after lunch on a warm sunny day… #POWERnap… I quickly realized if this is going to be the new place, I needed a Benji space.

    I tried sitting on a few couches (to the salesman’s dismay) and finally found the one. The perfect plush. Once we had it in the office, I could start to see myself coming here every day. Moving means missing your comfortable spaces. So, make a new one in your new space. You get to create your own little nook.

    One of the hardest parts of this all is saying goodbye. These tearful moments can hurt but are worth it. At first, I thought about just leaving. It would be easier to stroll out like any other day at the office. After pawing it over though, I realized I have to say goodbye. To both my friends and the old place. It’s important to get closure so I can face the exciting new beginnings head-on.

    Speaking of goodbyes, it’s time for this hound to sign off. We’ve got a few things to take over and I want to say hi to the new place!

    Till next time folks…

    Benji, Therapy Doggo

    Written by Mark A. Smithson