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  • Benji’s Holiday Cheer

    How to Keep Spirits Up

    What’s waggin’ folks?  It’s your pal Benji again to bring some holiday cheer to all who are near.  That’s right, it’s that time of year.  Ya know, I was sitting here and thinking about my first holiday… #flashback.

    I was still a puppy living with my brothers, sisters, and mama.  It was so wonderful.  The tree was all decorated and lights were everywhere.  But suddenly, families started coming and taking away my brothers and sisters.  I didn’t know what adoption was and got scared and confused.  Even now around the holidays I get a little sad and lonely thinking about all the romping around we did.  I thought that others might feel this way too.  So, I wanted to tell you all how ol’ Benji fends off the holiday blues.

    Holidays can be stressful with all the bustle in the stores and running around.  When Miss Lylly and I started getting overwhelmed and a little sad, we decided to walk about it #unleashtheholidays.  Taking an extra walk a day helps us unplug from the craziness even though its chilly out.  It doesn’t need be a walk, it could be time at the gym, biking, or any other kind of exercise.    Staying active is one of the best ways to ease the seasonal slumps.

    Another way I keep my spirits up is to cut back on the treats.  Yes, if see it on the floor I will eat it… but I’m trying not to.  When I eat too many treats, I get lazy and sleepy.  All I want to do is lounge about and it kinda depresses me.  So, I am trying to cut back (especially since it just rained food on Thanksgiving).  Sometimes it’s a good idea for people to cut back on things during the holidays too.  One big one is alcohol.  Hitting the sauce can make people idle and more depressed even though that is a big part of why they drink.  That’s why this hound recommends filling the bowl with fresh water instead of the strong stuff.

    Now it’s time to get mushy. The best way to fend off the blues is to spend more time with good people.  Keeping nice, supportive people around lessens the loneliness.  It can be family, friends, or even strangers but reach out to others.  Sometimes when I get lonely, I just want to curl up in a ball by myself.  Although my alone time is good, I still try to not isolate myself.  Miss Lylly and I walk more and little Rivlet and I have been playing more.  Although I start off sad, it warms my puppy dog heart to see their smiling faces.

    OOOH!  I smell leftovers wafting from the kitchen! Mister Jay is at it again!  Time for this dog to go get a snack… but just one.

    Benji, Therapy Doggo

    Written by Mark A. Smithson