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    Benji’s Own Advice

    Hi everyone! I know I’ve been popping up here and there to give tidbits and advice but today’s bit is gonna be difficult. More of a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ kinda piece. Let me relate to all you other doggo (and even kitty) owners out there. Ever notice when a can of wet food gets opened the once idle legs of a lounging pet turn into a pumping stampede?

    I don’t know what they put in those cans but it’s just so dang delicious and we are in a hurry to get back to our lounging. Even though this pup is guilty of gobbling as well, we all need to just take a moment before inhaling.

    Whether you’re on a tight lunch break or sitting down for dinner at the end of a day take 3 deep breaths before digging in. 

    I’ve resisted the urge to dive snout first a few times and it does a lot! I’ve thought about how thankful I am for the food, it gave me the time to notice the people around me or enjoy the sweet solitude of my own thoughts, and I enjoy every bite that much more!

    It can be difficult to do when hunger is growling in the pits but if you resist the puppy-like urge to dive in, you’ll uncover a new world of small thoughts!

    OH! Did you hear that?! It could only be the sound of kibble hitting my bowl! In… Out… In… Out… In… Out… Gotta go folks, it was great barking with y’all again but it’s dinner time!

    Your Hungry Pup,


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