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  • Coping with Past Trauma for a Better Future

    Benji’s Past: An Edition of the Benji Files 

    Hey hey, it’s your pup pal Benji again here to talk to you about how I was able to recoup from my rough start in life.  Everyone has things that has hurt them in the past and some experience things that take months, years, or even lifetimes to heal.  I hope that some of you will be able to get a treat or two from this that can help you with your difficult times.

    By the time I was nine months old I was taken to a shelter and put up for adoption.  It was a terrifying experience even though it was the first step to a new life #ThanksSalfidRescue.  The smells of all the other animals were confusing and a person in a lab-coat poked and prodded me.  Other dogs would come and then be taken away and I didn’t have a clue where they were going.  Then one day Ms Annalisa came walking down the row of kennels.

    Before I knew it, I was put in a car and taken to a home where everyone seemed super excited to meet me.  I was still nervous though.  My tummy hurt and the lab-coat said I needed to take gross medicine everyday to get better.  Thankfully, with the love and care of Ms Annalisa and spoonfuls of peanut butter, I was able to regain my strength.  I still had a long way to go though.  People yelling or saying ‘no’ too loudly made me shake in my fur and I couldn’t go up or down stairs.  Ms Annalisa and her family were patient with me and loved me regardless.  After a while I started to see how much they cared, and I started to open up.

    It took some barking, but eventually I could finally relax a little bit.  I took the stairs slowly and I cowered less when I was scolded for peeing in the house… oops #tinkles.  Now I’m as playful as ever and am helping others to open up to Ms Annalisa kind of like how I did.  Every dog has his day and change can be scary but just barking about it can go a long way.  Well, it’s time for this dog to bark up another tree.  See you around the park.

    Benji, Therapy Doggo

    Written by Mark A. Smithson