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    Dog Out of Office for Hike –  Be Back by 2:00

    Oh hello there folks! You must’ve seen my sign. Sorry to keep you waiting, but those butterflies won’t chase themselves! Not only that, but this pup was bouncing off the baseboards this morning! I just had to get out and relax for a while. Normally a good walk around the block fixes this, but today I was extra jittery and needed something more.

    I needed a super walk (or a hike as my Mom calls them)! It’s this thing where you walk for a long time but instead of a sidewalk you walk on rocks or dirt. Getting out of town, smelling the trees, and seeing all the cool sights. It really does help clear the head.

    I almost forgot – we also saw a strange dog out on the trail. It stood tall on four legs and had these crazy pointy things on top of its head! I barked and tried to make friends but he kinda half-ran, half-hopped off. I think my Mom said it was a d-eer. Odd name for a dog breed if you ask me, but who is this pup to judge?

    You should take a hike (literally…not in a ‘get lost’ kind of way!) and see if you can find him. Maybe you’ll have better luck saying hi.

    Well, gotta catch up on the appointments and paperwork. Have fun and if you’re ever feeling jittery or overwhelmed, remember to take that hike! I’ll see ya’ll another time.

    Your Barkin’ Bud,


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    Written by Mark A. Smithson