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  • Flex-O-Benji

    Hmmm, that one looks like a tree…and that one’s a house! And that one’s…well okay, that one just looks like a regular old cloud…

    Howdy everyone, welcome to the ground floor of another Benji bit! I mean literally welcome to the ground floor – it’s so awesome laying down on the grassy ground for a good stretch. The only thing that could make it better? Clouds of course!

    This all really started by accident. I was outside snoozin’ in the sun earlier and I awoke with a big stretch. I rolled over, threw my paws up, and let out a mega yawn. After that, my droopy eyes lifted a little and BAM! There was a massive bunny with a cotton tail looming high above my head! I’ve been laying here for a while now just watching the shapes roll by.

    If you have a moment, head outside and check out the clouds.

    While you’re laying back, your imagination will take over and a whole panorama will unfold before you…and the best part is, there’s never a repeat!

    Like that one! That giant SQUIRREL cloud! Gotta run folks, I’m feelin’ limber enough to catch this giant sky squirrel. If only I can jump high enough!

    Your Cloudy Headed Pup,


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    Written by Mark A. Smithson