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  • Local Animal-Assisted Therapist Provides a Roadmap to Self-Love

    With her new book, Unconditional: Learning to Love your Authentic Self, animal-assisted therapist and author Annalisa Smithson, LPC, invites readers to join her on a 21-day journey of compassionate, playful self-discovery. 

    Animal lovers will relish this timely, easy-to-digest pilgrimage of self-love, which Smithson offers through 21 “snack-sized” chapters that readers can easily digest before breakfast. 

    As founder of Pottstown-based Unleashed Counseling (formerly Animal-Assisted Therapy, LLC), a private therapy practice offering mental health services for those experiencing depression, anxiety, addiction, and eating disorders, Smithson has seen the life-changing difference that comes when individuals allow themselves to practice unconditional self-love. 

    “I know from personal experience, and from my clients, that practicing self-love can feel selfish or pointless at times. But these are your negative thoughts talking, and you’re soon going to learn to tell them to hush. Self-love is profoundly important to your whole-body health. Freeing yourself from stress, overwhelm, depression, and anxiety. Living your best life begins with loving yourself,” reflects Smithson.   

    The 21-day journey that Smithson provides with Unconditional: Learning to Love your Authentic Self, provides a foundation of habits that will remain with readers long after they turn the final page. Illustrated by artist Cory Derer, each chapter includes journaling prompts that invite readers to rewrite their personal narrative, embracing self-exploration and healing, as well as a daily act that, as Smithson describes, is a “bold, unequivocal, expression of self-love.” 

    Unconditional: Learning to Love your Authentic Self is now available online and in select retail locations in and around Pottstown, PA. 

    About the Author


    Annalisa Smithson, LPC, NCC is the founder and director of Unleashed Counseling and author of Unconditional: Learning to Love your Authentic Self (2022) and Emotional Support Animals (2021). Smithson is a board-certified counselor licensed in the state of Pennsylvania, specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy and animal-assisted therapy. She has presented research at mental health conferences around the country, including the American Psychological Association, the Association for Women in Psychology, and the Pennsylvania Counseling Association. Smithson and therapy-dog Benji reside in Limerick, PA. Learn more by visiting:

    About The Illustrator

    Cory Derer has the creative bookworm’s dream-job: she is an assistant librarian by day and a cartoonist by night. Her wild imagination and clever eye brings beauty to the world through multiple mediums including photography, jewelry, pottery, and paint. Cory works to incorporate her love of nature and sunny sense of humor into each piece of art she creates. She studied at the Moore College of Art and Design before abandoning traditional academia to open her own portrait studio, C. Wilson Photography, Inc. She now lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband, four children, and two adorable dogs. Connect with her on Facebook @CoryWilsonDerer. 

    About Unleashed Counseling

    With a team of talented counselors trained in LGBTQ-affirming therapy, Unleashed Counseling offers individual and small group therapy, as well as workshops all of which can incorporate animals, nature, and art into the therapeutic experience to help clients enjoy counseling and overcome stress. 

    Conveniently located in Pottstown, PA (between Reading and Philadelphia) Unleashed Counseling offers in-person and virtual sessions that combine playful techniques with traditional clinical treatments such as cognitive behavioral, person-centered, and walk and talk therapy, so that clients will see results and achieve their goals. Learn more by visiting:

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