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  • Play-breaks with Benji

    Letting the Outside In

    Hey everyone. So, I started today strong and was like ‘BRING IT ON!’ but I’m starting to struggle. The couch is normally comfy but I’m getting a bit stiff and it’s feeling a little stuffy in this office. We’re making good progress, but the walls just keep feeling like they’re closing. The sun shines happily outside and we’re here. Oh well, we gotta keep on truckin.

    OOH, what’s this? Analisa just grabbed the leash! I think it’s lunchtime and we’re going to step out for a minute. I’ll be right back!

    …..(Brief Benji Intermission)…..

    I’m back everyone! Sorry for the wait, I saw a fluffy cloud that looked like a squirrel! I naturally had to give it a good barkin’. In fact, my little break has given me something to share with you. We can’t deny that we get swept up in our days. Even I, Benji, have been known to let a day suck me up. After hours of being in an office, house, or anywhere really, you can start to feel it wear on you.

    The answer isn’t as complicated as another cup of coffee or powering through. Sometimes it’s as simple as stepping through a door. No, literally step through the door and go outside. Getting a breath of fresh air to clear your head can do wonders! Basking in the sun is relaxing and helps your body to make Vitamin D. One of the many things Vitamin D is known for is reducing depression, and all you need to do is get yo tan on! Even if it isn’t sunny, you should still take a minute to step out. I don’t know about you, but I just love the peaceful pitter patter of rain. What I love even more is jumping in the puddles!

    Take me for instance. When we started my day I was all sorts of grumpy. After a quick play-break by the river, my head’s back in the game! I could have kept grinding on, but now that I’m fresh with a clear head we’ll make twice as much progress. So, if the day is grinding a little harder and those walls start inching inward, take yourself for a walk. No matter how brief, just take the step through the door and look at the clouds. You’ll be amazed at how clear you’ll be when you go back.

    Speaking of going back, it looks like I’ve gotta get back to it! BRING IT ON! Till next time folks…

    Benji, Therapy Doggo

    Written by Mark A. Smithson

    1. anne l lucas

      anne l lucas

      July 20, 2020 at 10:02 pm

      Glad you got outside Benji. I have been to the River Trail as well and I love seeing the birds, ducks and squirrels. Have fun barking hello to all the outdoor critters! I am sure they will answer back. Ok, back to work! Gotta snuggle with the clients.