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  • Puppies, Baby Squirrels, and Benji

    Hey hey everyone! It’s such a beautiful day filled with beautiful people such as yourselves!

    I was on a walk yesterday with my Mom and everything was going fine. As we passed by a bench, there was a little girl sitting with her Dad. She was wearing a big ol’ frown and tears were welling up in her eyes; it was clear that nap-time had been skipped today. As she began to fuss, her Dad pulled out his phone.

    The screen lit up and the frown flipped immediately! With a giggle, she screamed while clapping her hands, “Puppies!” I could not see but I took a guess that she was watching a video of playful puppies fumbling around in all of their cuteness! The crisis was averted and the tears receded for the moment. We walked on around the block and back to our office.

    As I walked in through the front door, I thought about that smile inspired by puppies. It seemed to brighten up her day instantly, even while on the verge of a temper tantrum. I think I’m going give it a try – except I wanna see baby SQUIRRELS!  Oh, excuse me, it’s been awhile since one of those outbursts.

    Anyway, I think you should try it too!

    Pick your favorite animal (or one that you think is super cute) and look up baby videos. I think it’ll brighten your day and soften your heart.

    Well, it’s time for this ‘ol pup to sign off. After this quick video, I think it’ll be time to head home for the day. Till next time everyone!

    Your Playful Pup,


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    Written by Mark A. Smithson