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    The Walkin’ Dog

    These paws were made for walkin’! And that just what they’ll do!  And one of these days this pup is gonna love all over you! Oh hey everyone! You just caught me comin’ back from one of my favorite pastimes… and no it’s not eating (although that is up there on the list). It was a quick walk around the block, some fresh air and sun, a whiff from the most interesting tree, and am now back at the office – refreshed and ready to go!

    Sometimes it feels like the hands on the clock never move and my legs start to twitch. I love being in the listening game but I sometimes get antsy or a little tired. Getting up and stepping outside gives me the small break and movement I need to keep my ears perked up through the day. You never know what you could see, a squirrel, a stick – I even saw a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple person! Okay… maybe I didn’t see that but there’s lots of cool stuff around!

    Give it a try the next time work is getting to you or you’re bored around the house.

    Give those kickers a stretch and go see what’s around the corner! 

    I prefer to run, but we’ll dog-ear that one for later…Just keep it simple. Before you know it, you’ll be waggin’ your way back to the door, ready for more!

    Looks like someone just walked in! Time for this good boy to post up for a bit! I’ll see ya’ll around the block!

    Your Silly Steppin’ Bud,



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    Written by Mark A. Smithson