Benji’s Business Advice

What’s up my playful pups? Thanks for swinging by again! Today I would like to bark a bit about business. Not all the numbers and meetings (what is a Zoom meeting, anyway?) but what’s really at the heart of a good business: their mission. Take my Mom's practice, Unleashed Counseling, for example. We have a mission statement we hold near and dear: Our mission is to...[ read more ]

Benji in Black and White

Gooooood afternoon everyone! Can you imagine a better time of year? The white blanket of winter (although it is fun to stomp in the snow) has lifted and all sorts of smells are popping up from the ground. I love seeing the flowers peak out and leaving the jacket at home. There’s just something about the different shades of grey that liven up my...[ read more ]

Benji Loosens Up

Well hey there everyone! Thanks for joinin’ this ‘ol pup again! I’m glad you’re here but we gotta make this quick. My schedule is pretty tight and there’s a little tension at the dog park. As I’ve been running around lately I’ve found another area in my life that’s tight with tension. It quite literally is my back! Although when my Mom tells me to sit,...[ read more ]

Benji Vents

Welcome back everyone! Have any of you ever had a bad day?  Like, a really bad day? One where you just wanna sit there a HOOOWWWLLLLL about your problems? Of course you have, we all have. It’s a part of life and sometimes we just need a moment to let it all out from the bottom of our lungs. It’s hard though to find...[ read more ]

Benji’s Own Advice

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been popping up here and there to give tidbits and advice but today’s bit is gonna be difficult. More of a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ kinda piece. Let me relate to all you other doggo (and even kitty) owners out there. Ever notice when a can of wet food gets opened the once idle legs...[ read more ]

Tips for Staying Healthy While Working from Home

For some people, working from home is a normal routine. This is, after all, the gig economy, and many people have been freelancing, making a living from their home office for many years now. But for others, working from home is a completely new phenomenon brought about by the global pandemic.For this second group of people, working from home has...[ read more ]

Telehealth for Support Group Therapy

Many of us continue to try and make sense of this new world we live in – one in which the novel coronavirus dictates much of our daily routine. Some states are still mandating social distancing and wearing of masks. And many people are still out of work or working remotely for the unforeseeable future.This quarantine has certainly made life...[ read more ]

3 Reasons Why Men Should Try Therapy

Men have taken on a specific role in human development over the span of hundreds of thousands of years. While roles have very recently shifted somewhat, historically speaking, men have been the ones to fight the wars and build society. And if you think about it, it’s pretty hard to feel emotions, let alone process them, while on bloody battlefields...[ read more ]

Healthy Food & Emotional Regulation

Are you an emotional eater? When you’re feeling stressed, do you find yourself ordering in pizza? When something sad happens, do you drown your grief in sugar? If so, you’re not alone. A majority of people deal with the challenges of life by turning to their favorite comfort foods.The trouble is, these foods are only a temporary fix. They fill...[ read more ]

Hypnotherapy via Telehealth – Does It Work?

Hypnosis has to be one of the most misunderstood mental health treatments hands down. The myths surrounding this treatment stem from the many exaggerated movie scenes and stage shows that get people to cluck like a chicken.The truth is, hypnosis is an effective psychological treatment that has helped countless people. In a clinical setting, hypnosis simply puts people into a...[ read more ]

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